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Consumed food not removed from inventory (0% food items)
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*Original report was about fruit, however this affects all food*

Eating fruit cause item percent to go to 0% but does not remove from inventory. Try to eat fruit thats 0% says that you do not have the item but still in inventory. You must drop an already eaten fruit?


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It is not just fruits, it does this to canned goods such as spaghetti or beans.

Can confirm, I found a pristine fresh orange and pristine fresh kiwi on floor at 0% and could not eat them. I assume this is meant to be their "skin"? Maybe a new model or title could help avoid confusion.

I agree

Also I believe fruits and other food items could be "Placed" with more realism. Example. Several oranges lay across the floor instead of just one. Several being rotten and one or two edible just adds a sense of immersion. And a feeling of people leaving in a panic or sense of struggle took place.Also making the player actually Scavenge through items picking out the safe food. Or for cans a couple empties just makes the world feel more lived in. As if someone previously has been through the place leaving it ransacked.

I understand the Loot tables don't work that way but would be worth looking into for added atmosphere.

Slightly Off topic didn't think I needed a whole thread for it more Art Department than bug fixing