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Equipping a new item without turning off an equipped Flashlight leaves a light on the ceiling indoors.
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The process of equipping a weapon and swapping out a currently equipped (and ON) flashlight will leave a the light on the ceiling(as if the light were still pointed at it). The light doesn't go away until the Flashlight is equipped.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have a flashlight equipped and turned on.
  2. Equip a weapon to directly swap out the flashlight. (I've only tested with a weapon)
  1. Move around and look at the ceiling; the light won't move.

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i think the flashlight gets stuck when "ON".

Had the same issue with switching Pants.
The Turned On flashlight was not moveable in inventory till turned off.

That wasn't my problem. I could move, drop, turn on/off, but only when I reequipped it did the light go away on the ceiling.

this also happens when a player dies with his flashlight equipped, it will still look like the corpse has the flashlight in his hands (there is a lightbeam coming from his hand) even though you already took the light into your own inventory.

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