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I have been in the game for about 1hour and i have found alot of problems, so i thought that i might as well make a list and send it to you.

  • The text font

The font you are using is really annoying to read, its even documented in seviral thesis that "times new roman" kind of fonts where the letters have feets, works for printed papers but hurts the eyes when read on monitors. They recommend using verdana or Arial that have a more rounded edges to be better. I totaly agree and it would even look much better is oyu skup "Times new roman" and use a more rounded font.

  • Performans

Since i am a huge gamer geek, i always want to be able to play the games in a smooth fashion and always use the most extreme hardware i can find, DayZ however is full of lags, spikes and more which makes it very annoying to play.
Currently im using 3sli GTX Titan, I7-4930 Extreme 4Ghz, 32GB ram, 500GB SSD and a 1Gb fiber network and i still have performans issues with dayz.

  • Running

Lets face it, if there where a zombie coming after you, you run, even if you have to go up or down a couple of stairs, you still run in order to get as far away from the zombie as possible. In the game however you can run to the stairs, but if you want to go up or down the guys starts to walk, taking his time, almost like he asked the zombie to wait so you dont fall in the stairs. This needs to be fixed.

  • 50cm wide person wont get through a 1m wide door.

This is mostly in the school, but the players houldent have a hard time trying to get into a room when the door oppening clearly is wide enought to let a person go through. Still, somehow the player gets stuck and have to "wiggle" his way through the door opening.

  • Lag and que of animations

Ion every server that i played on, i can walk up to an item, look at it for 2 second until i get some options to interact with it. The same happens when i run and want to jump, from the time that i pressed the button, it takes 2 seconds until the player jumps. Taking up och putting away weapons, same thing. I even discovered that its possible to que all the interactions, managed to get the interactions going for 10 seconds after i stopped giving commands.

  • unlimited headware

I discovered that its possible to use a MC helmet, Gasmask, Benie (i hade a pink one :P), hand nited hat and a few more headwares at the same time. How is that possible?

  • HUD is mission

I got to tell you that the litle text that shows upp in the left corner telling that you are sleppy, needs a drink, hungry and so on is disturbing and i realy dont want to see it. I prefered the mood where foow and water icon was right there on the screen.

  • Mouse acceleration

I am one of those persons that doesnt use a XBOX controller or anything like that when i play PC, and useing mouse acceleration makes it really hard to play, especially when you expect the corsair to move according to the mouse movement, however with acceleration on this will make the player spinn around by a slightly touch on the mouse. And the option or toggle to disable the acceleration doesnt work, so its always on.

  • Text outside of the frame

When i look at the desciption of a couple of items, the names, desciption and other text is sometimes to long and wont fit in the designated frame, this even shows up in the player customization where you can for example only see wha kind of shoe the player have, the color however is a mistory since the color name wont fit in the frame.


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Well why do peaople make lists inside one single report? I think it would be easier for the devs to create one report for one issue or is that wrong?

These should be split out into separate change requests. Lists aren't useful.

Uthwee added a subscriber: Uthwee.May 8 2016, 1:59 PM
  • The text font
  • Performans
  • HUD is mission
  • Mouse acceleration
  • Text outside of the frame

Are not important IMHO since its an alpha and changed fast when it comes to a beta or realease.

Other things you mentioned are good points, especially the running thing should be reworked sooner or later.

fluxley added a subscriber: fluxley.May 8 2016, 1:59 PM

For each bug you need to first search to see if its already been reported, if so, Up vote and add a comment.

If there is no report, make a single report for each bug.

Lists are no good for tracking and will most likely be ignored.

Please report these as individual issues - downvoted. You have also reported things that are your opinion and NOT bugs.

Please use the search feature to check current reports.
some or even all of the issues might have already been reported.

Search first! Then report if no one else has posted the problem!

73ddy added a subscriber: 73ddy.May 8 2016, 1:59 PM

Well it's called "feedback tracker" so posting ideas is fine i guess. but they should be marked accordingly as "Idea: better this'n'that"

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Please post one issue per report, and make sure to search first.