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Stuck in floor @ Sewer Pipe
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Not got a clue where in the world it is, near a swamp. I went to look into a pipe and i've been stuck there sinking into the floor over and over. I can't look left-right but can look up/down. Relogging doesn't fix it and I presume I'll have to wait to starve to death

Edit: It's the pipe southwest of Electro {F28146}


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Is it here? - See screenshot - 2013-12-20_00001.jpg
It is Balota swamp. Pipe under some kind of bridge.
Have the same problem and the same sypmtoms - sinking into ground over and over. Now waiting to starve to death.

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Thanks for the report.

A more recent duplicate has been acknowledged, so I am closing this issue.

Please refer to #0000135: Go prone inside a sewer(swamp pipe) makes you bug and get stuck