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You can eat and drink as much as you want but it doesn't seem to reset
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Say You eat a rotten kiwi it says you hunger is replenished then seconds later i feel thirsty

same with food


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eat or drink

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also says sometimes if you eat it says your thirst is replenished and if you drink you hunger is replenished

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No matter how much you drink or eat, you'll get fainted due those same things. And not ever wake up after that but that you already know. :)

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I see this happening 70% of the time.
This is actually a severe bug!

Yeah It always happens to me too... I often die of starvation/thirst rather than bullets or axes...
Almost every player acknowledges this bug... but for some reason developers and moderator cannot "reproduce" this bug...or need "more information"...
You don't even have to "reproduce" and information is plenty when you look at all those post where they talk about it. That is really something that easily can make this alpha a more better version as it enhances gameplay on such a big scale!

EDIT; I want to add that it's maybe not such a bad idea to reactivate the cool "meters" that we know from the mod. They were solid, reactive, pretty realistic on a matter of time.

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upvoted.. but don't forget that you may be sick/infected from zombie hits and other stuff aswell.. its not necessarily starvation

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I do think the hunger/thirst rates are set too high. I'm all for struggling to survive in-game, but it seems like you have to constantly eat or drink in order to stave off unconsciousness. It seems like I'm spending all my time just on character maintenance.

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