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moving items around inventory makes for lost items
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moving items from: hand or quick bar makes the items disappear.
sometimes trying to move items from hand (middle part of inventory) and then just letting go of item makes it disappear.
items in inventory that are in hand do not appear. only clicking and dragging does the item appear.

moving items and setting the mouse back to the original slot makes the items disappear and can't find items on ground.


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  • move items around in the inventory to bottom of screen and back to where the item original was. item should disappear
  • items such as axe that is in hand in a backpack should not appear but the hand symbol then dragging from the "hand" slot should show the item come from the bottom of the screen

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I noticed an issue with hot bar items, when the item is dropped or used up a white mask of the original item still shows in the gui hotbar. If another item is dropped over the white mask item, this will clear that hotbar item. However i have lost items by dragging an existing item over another item in the hotbar. Example of dragging an axe over hotbar item2 which held a water bottle (both in my inventory), the axe when moved away shows nothing, and the water bottle is now gone from hotbar and inventory.

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can confirme one. let go of an item between ground and character space makes it disappear

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Confirmed my friend isn't very careful and has lost a great many items because of this.

It seems that sometimes the items will disappear from your inventory, but if you move an item in your inventory around, it will refresh and your item will reappear.