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I was knocked unconscious and started sliding
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I was knocked unconscious while moving forward and when I woke up I was sliding forwards on the ground but could not move. Eventually as I went down a hill I got stuck on the side of a building. I re-logged into the server but when I loaded in I was inside the building under the floor. After many tries of vaulting into the wall I was able to get out from under the floor and continue playing.


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Move forward into a zombie and have it knock you unconscious. I don't know if I can reproduce it.

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Happened to me too, zombie also started sliding and slid out of the room.

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Happened to me as well, but i was able to re-log and continue playing.

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I have see this a number of times. When I have seen a friend knocked unconscious his body has always started to slide and glitch into the ground. I have had to run after it to try to administer saline.

It seems that logging out and back in stops the sliding. Once my friend logged out and back in his body was then found still in a standing position (he was still unconscious).

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This bug is clearly related to and possibly a dupe of #34

Also has another direct dupe: #2645

Duplicate of #34 (I was knocked unconscious and started sliding).

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