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Stuck unconscious
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  • Stuck unconscious
  • Tried to relog, still unconscious

Faint in a hospital for an unknown reason. Did see the a text "your about to faint" or something like that before I passed out.


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Don't know how long you are supposed to be unconscious but you should really add a timer/clock so you know when you get up (if you get up).

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Also dealing with the same issue. I've been unconscious due to hunger for 10 minutes now.

I can confirm this bug.

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yeah this unconscious bug is really dumb, needs an instant fix!

Jup.. Seem to happen if you run a great distance, and/or not eat or drink, however you don't wake up from it.. :S

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Same bug for me, waited 30 minutes.. still unconscious.
Relog etc. doesnt help

Same issue. Drinking stupid amounts of water (purified with tablets) and canned food and still getting randomly knocked unconscious. Haven't taken any damage at all from zombies or players (so no bleeding / bloodloss) Tried defib, epi pen, and cannot be taken out from unconcious.

Just in case it was helpful, I decided to time my most recent bout of unconsciousness. I have currently been out for about 74 minutes. I had been fairly well fed and drank a lot of purified water beforehand, so I'm sure it's just a bug!

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The developers are already aware of this bug/problem and although this was the original report on the issue I'm going to close this one since the other one has significantly more feedback and will therefore be handled first.

The other report can be found here:

Any additional images of the problem in question is always appreciated (if possible) and can be added by using the 'Upload File' section within a bug report.