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Customised default character does not save
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When i create a character and select change server , i enter same sarver all time and never save data, i enter and exit again and my character is randomized with new cloths and all , i can do that all times i want.

here u can see the evidence :


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1- Set default a character.
2- Enter a server.
3- Do whatever u want.
4- Exit server.
5- Rejoin same server or another.
6- Tachaaaaan.

Additional Information

3:45:00 GMT +1: Here the video:
14:57:00 18/12/2013 GMT+1: Still the bug after update.

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Maybe its a problem caused by your own computer privileges? Go to your documents folder and look for a folder called "DayZ Other Profiles". There should be 2 files and a folder inside. Check if these are write protected or not.
If nothing helps, try to change your steam profile name, it will create new config files.
(for every new steam profil name it creates a separate profile folder and profiles)