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Loot @ Deerstand North of Kamenka
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No loot spawning
No Zeds spawning


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[10:05:57 PM] Rocket: [10:03 PM] Des / Aleks:
<<< anyone found any loot on deerstand? was north of kamenka, no zeds no loot..can you log that in feedback tracker and highlight to matt? I can get our designers to add a spawn

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This has been true on every deerstand that I've visited.

True,same happens in barns aswell

Many buildings have not had loot spawns assigned to them yet, this is hardly a bug.

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barns,deerstand and in some of the Most common farm/small houses there is just no loot at all atm

they didn't add the loot for the stands yet. It will be coming in future update

Confirmed Deerstands and Barns and small farm houses

Loobiz added a subscriber: Loobiz.May 8 2016, 1:54 PM

Confirming all those spots have not loot. Also all the building at the island havent loot.


  • military tents got bugged in this version they used to have loot
  • cars had loot got bugged this version aswell
  • there are no usable vehicles atm so there are no parts for it...
  • base building is one of there least priority atm.

play the mod if you want all this right now!

And military tents have no loot, I never came across any Zed with loot...

No vehicles have loot, I cannot find any spare parts for vehicles and vehicles don't spawn as well.

But that was already noticed I believe....

But it might be less frustrating having a bike around since sprinting the whole map takes forever...

I hope we can do some crafting soon, like base building, making sandbags, small tents, watchtowers etc....

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Closing as duplicate of more popular report.

Please refer to issue #558

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