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AI Boats move very badly in formation/groups
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AI boats have a lot of trouble traveling in formation/groups - they either stop altogether, or move very very slowly, or keep stopping and starting and adjusting their formation. {F28065} {F28066} {F28067}


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AI Pathfinding / Motion
Steps To Reproduce

Create a group of four-or-five AI assault boats.

Give them a waypoint a fair distance away. Tell them to move carelessly at top speed.

Set the waves to quite high

Watch them move at a sea-snail's pace, taking forever to get there.

Additional Information

This problem may be worse with lots of waves - interfering with the boats' ability to keep formation. Put the waves up to high before trying.

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I had a fair bit of trouble with boats this evening, but seem to have narrowed the biggest problem down to this. There are a lot of edits on this post, sorry!

The attachment is an example mission I was making. The assault boats carrying troops don't move well at all. It's a bit over-complicated for the example, but I couldn't work out how to delete uploads.