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Ai crewed kajmans try to kill tanks with skyfire rockets instead of atgms
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The ai crew of the kajmans seem to whenever in range for their he rockets try to kill tanks and aa vehicles with them instead of with the atgms, yet shoot at lighter armored vehicles with atgms unless close by consistently. They also seem to like to not engage said tanks with skyfire and hover after flying over them for short time periods sometimes, and randomly switch between atgms and skyfire rockets yet rarely shoot with the former and fail to consistently hit with the latter. They only consistently engage tanks with atgms if at a far (3km+) distance.


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AI Aiming / Shooting
Steps To Reproduce

Place a ai crewed flying kajman at certain distances (1km,2km,3km)from a enemy slammer,kuma,cheetah etc,place yourself in the cargo of the kajman but not as a group member with moveincargo or other methods,watch the weapon command and actions of the ai crew at different distances with different targets.

Additional Information

This was an issue in 1.54 also but didn't remember to report it until after the 1.56 update was released and found it was still there.

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