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Crash at Start Today's Dev Branch 1.57.134628
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Today's Dev: 1.57.134628
crashes game on start up

File cache verified with on errors.


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Game Crash

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could you please tell us what preceded this bug? Did something unusual happen, did you change something in the settings?
Any info that might seem relevant will help.

Thank you

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I had just finished testing a mission on my PC. The test went perfectly with no errors in rpt and all events were performed fine. I send the mission to Multiplayer and closed my game to get back to desktop to transfer the mission to the dedicated server. At that moment today's dev branch update came through steam. I updated both client and server. Uploaded the mission and started my Arma in my Client to join in. Crash :(
Error on screen: Shaders not valid (mismatch of exe and data?)

The dedicated server and Headless client DID load with no apparent issue, though

Reversing to Today's MAIN Branch (non Dev) version 1.56.134627 RESOLVES the issue. Everything is back to normal.