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Eden stuck after returning from test Scenario
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Everytime I try to test my mission from Eden in SP scenario, provided in eden, after I come back, eden is unuseable and a cannot do anything like move my camer, delete units etc. When I delete the unit that was set as player, screen goes black. Undo does not help.


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Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

1 Start Eden
2 Place unit as player
3 Start SP Scenario from Eden
4 Go back to Eden

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thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce this problem.

Are you running the game with any mods? If so, are you experiencing same issue when running the game without any mods?

Also could you please verify your game files via Steam?

Thank you

I'm getting this too.
I'm using ACE3, along with a bunch of other mods, though I am fairly certain that ACE3 is the problem.
Always happens right after I return to the 3D editor after a test.
Vanilla it wont freeze.

(just a side note, it seems like it is still registering that the camera is moving, as the coordinates will change, as well as the lines in the left corner).

Xeno added a subscriber: Xeno.EditedOct 2 2016, 2:08 PM

Well, since A3 1.64 update for me the eden editor also freezes without using any mods or addons...

I see the circle cursor inside the A3 window (I only edit in window mode) but nothing else happens. No crash logs, no RPT entires. I can still close the A3 window by clicking the windows close button in the upper right.

Happens when the A3 windows loses focus when I edit something or loop something up in a browser (at least that's when it happens for me)

I'm using Windows 10 64Bit

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Thanks for the feedback.
So to summarize it, it happens in 1.64 main branch, no mods loaded, happens if you alt+tab out of game window (Windowed, Windowed Fullscreen?) and then return back.
Do you need to run the mission then Alt+Tab? Does it happen everytime or is it random.
If you can, please try to provide repro steps that work most for you to get the freeze, I had no luck so far when trying to reproduce it :(

Xeno added a comment.Oct 3 2016, 1:58 PM

I can't provide exact repro steps, that's the problem. It mostly happens when I preview the mission and go back and the A3 window has lost focus for some time because I rewrite a script in an external editor for example. Again, I'm not running A3 fullscreen but for editing always windowed.

I'm already at the point that I go back to the main menu (ending the editor) when I know it'll take some minutes till I do the next preview just to not crash.

Thanks, I was asking about the windowed/fullscreen as there actually is a Fullscreen-windowed option, that might have been relevant but can be confused easily.

I will try to reproduce it, wish me luck :)

Xeno added a comment.Oct 18 2016, 11:55 PM

I hope you were already able to reproduce it. It's getting more and more frustrating. Not a single addon loaded and once you come back from scripting (focus back to A3 window) you only see the mouse cursor as a moving circle when you are hovering over the A3 window but A3 does not accept any input anymore. Still able to close A3 by clicking the Windows close button (red X upper right corner) but that's the only input A3 accepts.

It only happens with Eden.

Xeno added a comment.Oct 19 2016, 12:31 AM

Forgot to mention it not only happens in the Eden editor itself but also once you hit Preview, switch to another application/window (I use notepadd++ for example) while the mission is still running in preview and go back to the A3 window. Bang, moving circle cursor, A3 won't accept any input anymore!

Xeno added a comment.Oct 19 2016, 10:32 AM

Here is the mission where I get it:

Simply open it in the Eden editor, A3 in windowed mode not fullscreen. And switch to another applicatioin, wait some time and switch back to A3.