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All AI para troopers when placed in height dies before they touch ground with open parachutes
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when placed in height paratroopers or other AI with parachutes acts like standing on ground. They don"t perform freefall position, they fall in aware behavior with rifles in they hands aiming around and just approx 100m before they hit ground they all die (except player). their parachutes opens but they all die. (player acts normally-normal freefall and landing). Another scenario; they dont disembark when ordered while helichopter is flying instead helichopter lands and unload them. it would be nice if there is a EJECT command for AI.


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put units or grup in height (1000m and above) with player as team leader. they all have parachutes(arsenal). make some space between them. play scenario. they all die before landing except player.PAY ATTENTION ON A AI FREEFALL BODY POSITION AND BEHAVIOR

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