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Hand Glitching in Huron (Unarmed) FFV Window Passenger
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Ever since the Huron window passengers have had animations for holding the Minigun it appears the unarmed variant has become broken in regards to players not being able to see their weapon during any other point than reloading and regardless of weapon.

It also appears that whilst firing any weapon nothing happens and rounds are not actually fired but your ammunition count will decrease as if you actually did fire them.

You also cannot use your weapon sights for obvious reasons.


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Steps To Reproduce

Get in the Huron (Unarmed) as a Window FFV passenger.

Look at your ghastly stretched hands and arms.

Fire the weapon and attempt to use sights.

Reload your weapon.

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Even getting in without weapons this will still happen.

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Hopefully this can be fixed in time for the update. It honestly pretty much ruins the huron.