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Changing the Optics Zoom, changes the normal view zoom
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When you working with the zoom inside your scope, it happens always when you leaving the scope optics, that the zoom level stays as it was with your attached scope.
From my view, when I leaving the scope sight, I should have normal zoom level as usual.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a unit with a scope where you are able change the zoom level (Arid Sniper for example)
  2. Get into your view and zoom in.
  3. leave the scope by pressing the RMB
  4. notice that your view is still zoomed

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I think I know what the problem is.

For zooming in with the sniper you need to tap the num+ key by default.

If you double tap that key the view stays zoomed (independent of the weapon). It is a zoom lock function.

Same with the num- key. If you double tap it your view stays more zoomed out.

Once you activated the lock, just double tap the opposite key.