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Doors are locked at the Airport
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On one side of the airport, all doors are locked and we can't open them on 1.56RC


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could you please be more specific about which airfield/building/doors are causing this issue? (for example Altis Airfield > Main Terminal > Doors on the North side of the building). It will help us a lot in order to find the correct door and fix the issue.

Did you notice similar problem in any other building?

Any info you are able to provide will be appreciated.

Thank you

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Same issue with GeneralStore01 from CUP.

In Vanilla A3, at the North Side, the doors are locked. Also, if you shoot at windows at this side of the airport, you can't break them. On the other side you can.

You would put a picture of the building? (If possible, position on the map)

Making it easy to find :)

Cannot reproduce on RC. I think this has been fixed. Also that window bug has been fixed on RC

Hello Dlang,

are you still experiencing this issue?