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Spelling Mistake
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When adding a waypoint to a unit, when setting a units behavior, I believe the stealth option is not spelt correctly. This is for the Release Candidate Version 1.56.134344. This is only a problem when using the Eden editor and thus does not affect the main branch.


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Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open the Eden Editor/3D Editor on any terrain (Stratis/Virtual Reality/Altis).
  2. Place down any unit (e.g. Rifleman NATO/FIA/CSAT)
  3. Add a waypoint to the unit.
  4. Right click on the waypoint and go to attributes.
  5. Scroll down to behavior.
  6. Click the drop down list.
  7. At the bottom, and you will see the behavior option for stealth is misspelt.
Additional Information

This is not really a big issue but as stated in the Dev Hub, the point of the Release Candidate is to get Arma 3's next update into the best possible shape.

Release Candidate:1.56.134344
Steam Build ID: 961547.

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Furthermore; this does not seem to a problem when using the 2D editor in the RC Branch, only the 3D editor.

This is already fixed in the current version 1.56.134489

Oh...cause I took the version number directly from the game and it still wasn't fixed

Edit: Just checked it is fixed