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Massive FPS drops
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Gpu- MSI GTX 970 OC
Cpu- Intel i5-4690k 3.5GHz
Ram- 16GB

While CAS/Helo or just the amount of rate of fire is high, my FPS will go from roughly 40 FPS in multiplayer (depending on server) down to 1 FPS. If I were in the jet shooting, the drops do not occur. GPU and CPU usage both drop while the fps drops. Both CPU and GPU temps are running normal. GPU is steady at 43-44*C while the CPU is roughly 50*C. Also the sound bugs out and sounds like the output is cranked while the Fps drops.

link to show

Any ideas are welcome

Thanks in advance


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Hello, have you already tried to lower your windows audio bitrate to 16bit and 44100Hz?

That might be a workaround for your problem.

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unfortunately my sound is fine up until the FPS starts to drop. Sound really isn't the problem.

Lower the number of sound sources in audio to 16 or lower and see if that fixes it. Theres a running problem with the jet minigun creating many sound effects at once and overwhelming the engine's capablity to handle it

Well Well Well. My FPS is now 60-65 in the same servers and I have not experienced another FPS drop due to CAS. Sorry Koala for doubting you!

Dropping sound bitrate seems to have fixed it. I will post otherwise!


Koala added a comment.Feb 7 2016, 6:48 PM


No problem. This is a known issue. For now, this is a workaround for most of the people with similar audio-fps issues.

Best regards