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More medical objects / items (Red diamond)
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In regards to your support for the Red Cross / Crescent with the Karts DLC and the special MANW category "Health Care in Danger", I am quite often surprsied at how few medical objects there are that can be used in creating such missions.

There are indeed some small objects like the bandages, medicine and defibrillator and the military medical vehicles as well as two medical buildings on stilts. However generally the amount is lacking in comparison to the multitude of weapons and military vehicles.


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Example of objects to improve health care / humanitarian aid mission design:

  • Add civilian medical vehicle (reskin of the civilian truck) with red diamond
  • Add civilian medical helicopter (reskin of mohawk or hellcat) with red diamond
  • Add red diamond boxes, crates and containers
  • Add dedicated medic backpack matching the scientist / medic uniform
  • Add a medical field tent / trauma station
  • Add a cot as object

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Sort of fixed by Laws of War DLC.