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Bunch of simple features for Eden Editor.
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  1. When mission time is set to hour after dusk, "Toggle flashligh" should be turned on by default when mission is opened in editor.
  2. Layers should be sorted alphabetically. Current sorting tells me nothing.
  3. There should be button: "collapse all layers" on "Entities" and "Assets" tabs.
  4. Keybindings for movement of camera should be configurable. Also for show/hide of left/right panel.
  5. Camera should follow vertically after the vector of view not just forward-backward (it should work just like now for left-right movement).
  6. Placing of camera on the map should be keybinded like in zeus (it would be much intuitive
  7. Icons selected on the toolbar may be also coloured (eg. yellow) not only outlined by a shadow.
  8. On tab "Entities" layers should have attribute "set colour" for better visibility of own layers.


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The button "collapse all layers" would be very useful for me, it's very uncomfortable when you want find something but you should close every tab to not trying to find this through all those units. If the system works like a tree it should work for player not against, so you need an ability to search what you need just from the start. But unfortunately, I can't agree with other points.