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Eden editor saves changes to a mission file every time you press "play scenario".
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Lets say you've made some kind of template of a mission and now you're trying to test different things in this template without intention of saving changes you've just done. Right now it is not possible because every time you're trying to check ingame those changes, you're clicking on "play scenario" and all those changes are saved into a mission you're now editing. Also after you're exiting this preview, "undo" button does nothing. So there is no way of reverting changes you've done if you have used preview.


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Create and save any most basic mission in Eden editor (like just place a single soldier on a map). Now make any change to this mission (like add another soldier), click on "play scenario", press escape and click on "return to eden editor". Now load this previously saved mission - et voilà there are two soldiers standing on a map although you had no intention to save a second soldier.

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I can confirm that behaviour too. That should not happen.

Even if they NEED to have a file with the data to save to run the mission, they could simply make a copy of the mission file (with the changes done to it) temporarily to use rather than overwriting the original. Then when you go back into editor, it simply deletes the second file and nothing happens to the original.

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As far as I can see, the game already creates a file called tempMissionSP after you placed some stuff and clicked on preview.

But once you created a savegame, the tempMissionSP file got ignored by the system and the actual savegame is used.

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I forwarded the problem to the development team.

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Fixed in 1.57.134365.