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Special backpacks might replace Arsenal-provided backpacks
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Placing e.g. and Engineer and editing him in Arsenal by adding a new backpack will result in the unit having its default Engineer backpack, with the extra backpack dropped on the ground. This seems to be true for all special backpacks.


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Steps To Reproduce

To reproduce:

  • Place an Engineer, Ammo Bearer or Medic
  • Edit his loadout in Arsenal by adding another backpack
  • Launch mission.

What you'd expect:
You would expect the unit to have the backpack that you added in Arsenal

What you get:
The unit will have its default backpack, and there is another backpack (the Arsenal one) at his feet.

Additional Information

This might be related to since all the special backpacks are scope=1, but it is more likely that it is because of init order

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