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[Eden Editor] Add an option to Edens Arsenal to show all items/magazines
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Right now, if you want to edit a loadout of a unit in Eden via Arsenal, there is no way to pack extra ammunition into a backpack unless you actually have the weapon. For example, you cannot load a few extra missiles into a backpack without giving the unit the launcher too, which isn't always what you want.

Likewise, you cannot give a unit an assault rifle but pack extra MG belts.

Giving the unit the weapon, loading the ammo and replacing the weapon also does not work, since removing a weapon also removes all ammo.

It would therefore be very useful to have an extra "show all" button when loading uniforms, vests, or backpacks (or an extra tab) that would allow you access to everything that can be carried in the item being edited, otherwise it becomes impossible to make an "Ammo Bearer" type without having to resort to scripting again.


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