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Direct Communication is far too quiet, and unuseable
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The Direct Communication channel is far too quiet, and it's range is far too close. Literally, you have to stand on top of anyone to get a muffled, hard to hear voice.
If you move 3 meters from them, it's even quieter.
If you move over 5 meters from them, you can't hear them at all.

That's like standing at one end of a room, talking normally and someone else at the other end of the room hearing absolutely nothing.

This never used to be that bad... what happened? Why was this changed?


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The range should be extended to at least 75m.
The volume of Direct Communication should be easily adjusted in the menu, if not, added in as a scripting command so that servers can boost the overall volume for everyone connecting, and should be increased overall as it stands.
The "drop-off" audio is good, so long as at 75m you can't hear someone, at 50m its rather muffled, at 25m its rather clear, and at 10m or less its clearly audible and loud.

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....really need this fixing as it greatly breaks Altis Life servers having direct communication channel unusable at a distance of 10m.....

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there is already a ticket that describes your request: #0009874
Please support that already existing ticket.

I closed your ticket.