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Arma 3 Failed To Start Steam Error Code 81, Arma 3 exit code: 0x000000051 - unknown error
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Every time I try to launch the game through the Arma 3 launcher from steam I get the above two errors. It does not produce an RPT file or any crash dump files.
The RPT included in the log zip is from me running a server client, which starts with no issues.

The game was running absolutely fine yesterday. Today I cant get it to run at all. No software or hardware changes my end so really cannot understand the issue.


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Attempt to launch the game from Steam. It happens every time.

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I have reinstalled the game 3 times now, deleting all registry keys each time.
I have tried both the stable and dev branches of the game and both yield the same results.

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thank you for your feedback and sorry for the trouble you are having with the game.

Please try to reinstall Steam. Also please check whether it is not blocked by any Anti-Virus or a Firewall.

Thank you.

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I have tried a fresh install of steam, and another completely fresh install of the game as requested and there is no change in situation
There are no issues with my antivirus, or firewall blocking the application either.

I have resolved the issue. There is an incompatibility with the application Spacedesk ( WI had been trialing this software to allow me to use a tablet as a second monitor.

I found a recent report from someone else on an internet forum identifying this application as the cause of the problem. Since I have uninstalled Spacedesk Arma 3 will now launch again.

I hope that the incompatibility may be identified and rectified in future updates. I hope this helps the process.