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Weapon initSpeed for all weapons inheriting from MGun is 900, including GMGs
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Any weapon ultimately inheriting from class MGun has an initSpeed of 900 instead of 0, making the magazine InitSpeed be ignored.
This makes the Grenade Machine Guns especially take a massive MV jump from a sedate 185 m/s for the 40mm grenade to the inherited weapon value of 900m/s.
Other weapons are also affected, but the differences for most machine guns are much smaller and less noticable. {F27829}


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Place a static Mk32 GMG and add the following to the init line:

this addEventHandler ["Fired", {hintSilent format ["Muzzle velocity: %1 m/s", vectorMagnitude velocity (_this select 6)]}];

Confirm by looking at the config for CfgWeapons >> MGun and CfgWeapons >> GMG_20mm in the config broweser. The initspeed will be 900.

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are you running game with any mods? If so please try to run the game without them.

Should you encounter this issue with a vanilla version of the game, please try to take a video of this issue (with the GMG for example).

Thank you

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No mods. The issue is easily confirmed by just looking at the config browser for the GMG weapon.

You can also reproduce by putting down a static GMG and add the following code to its init line:

this addEventHandler ["Fired", {hintSilent format ["Muzzle velocity: %1 m/s", vectorMagnitude velocity (_this select 6)]}];

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I have to correct myself. Vehicles are not affected, but Static weapons are.

I attached a repro mission. Just enter the static grenade launcher and the Hunter GMG as gunner and fire.

The static grenade launcher will fire the 40mm grenades at 900 m/s velocity, which is way faster than the intended value.

Here is parsed vanilla config with 'initSpeed = 900;' defined in MGun class:

And as told in BI's CfgWeapons_Config_Reference:
"In A3 this has multiple usages. positive values override magazine initspeed with the fixed number."

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Appears to be a problem with ammo simulation.
It looks like ammo with shotBullet uses weapon initSpeed, while shotShell and others ignore weapon initSpeed.