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game crashes each time before the game even starts. gives exit code 0xC06D007E - some sort of application error
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after clicking play from the arma 3 launch pannel and battleeye starts updates the game begins to launch but nothing happens for a few seconds then i get

the exception unknown software exception (0xC06D007e) occured in the application at location 0x0000000007439D8A8.

after clicking ok the arma 3 launcher detects their was a problem launching the game and thats how i ended up here

i have attatced the prepared report (or i think i have)


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It looks like the game closes due to problem with loading Steam.dll files (for accessing Steam functionality).

Can you please verify integrity of the game installation?
Right click on the Arma 3 in library -> properties -> tab local files -> verify integrity of game cache.