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Carry for wounded players extremely unreliable and prone to leaving the victim "stuck"
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when carrying a wounded player in an MP server (any, without mods) there's a high percentage of cases where if the picker-upper moves away before the animation is complete for the victim, the latter is left stuck in place, hovering in mid air

this cannot be solved by the victim by any means other than respawn, ruining tactical gameplay. another "solution" is to kill the unit that picked him up, which causes the animation to revert and releases the wounded soldier.

players who are aware of this will seek to avoid carrying others (instead, drag) whenever possible, and use extreme caution when doing so as to try and prevent the bug from setting in


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Steps To Reproduce

join MP session, 2 players minimum

have one player shot, as to allow him being picked up by the second player

the second player moves as soon as he is physically allowed by the game, ignoring the state of the other's animation

more often than not, this will cause the wounded player to remain hovering in place.

Additional Information

strangely enough, the victim is still able to rotate himself around while he hovers in "being carried" position

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I may be wrong, but AFAIK Drag and Carry are only possible in A3 via script, i.e. they aren't default actions but are available via the scripting interface. I would suggest that you pull apart the mission .pbo and look to see which reveive script is is using and see if it has been updated to match the changes needed.

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I do recall this option being built ingame as an editor module (in ArmA2) - not sure if it has been forwarded to ArmA3 or not, but in case it was - the issue is valid

if not, then my apologies - feel free to disconsider this as applicable

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DJPorterNZ is right. An official drag and carry feature (like in ARMA 2) isn't available in ARMA 3 yet (except with scripting commands).