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Cannot begin mission "Within Reach"; stuck at briefing area
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When the mission loads, the little cutscene plays and I am given a "Report In" task which seems to point to two sentries sitting atop a garage-like structure embedded in a hill. The task marker itself, however, seems to be underground (somewhere inside the garage, which is not accessible), and therefore the mission cannot begin. I don't seem to see any important characters like Stavrou or the British fellow.

An error message also pops up, which is shown in the screenshot. {F27785}


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt

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could you please verify your game files via Steam?

Thank you

It seems I've fixed the problem by disabling all mods. I previously only had CBA running, looks like it may have caused a problem with that particular mission.

Sorry to waste your time on this, in the future I'll explore all other options first.