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use of "animDone" eventHandler doesn't always run, or anim doesn't return a response for animDone
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I've tried numerous ways, and numerous functions, to fix a repair animation for our Altis Life server. The animation often glitches where the player runs the first two or three frames of the animation continuously in a loop.

I've written a file to combat the looping system so that it prepares the player into the animation state required to run the set animation (ainvpknlmstpsnonwnondnon_medic_1) in this case, no matter the starting position, the player is instructed to put away their weapon, and return their stance to kneeling prior to starting the animation.
This all runs smoothly, the animation plays correctly every time tried.

The issue then occurs after the first animation play comes to an end where the player freezes at the last frame of the above animation.


			_repairAnim = {player switchmove "ainvpknlmstpsnonwnondnon_medic_1";};
			animLoop = player addEventHandler["animDone",{player switchMove "ainvpknlmstpsnonwnondnon_medic_1";}];
			sleep 0.1;
			[] spawn _repairAnim;
			waitUntil {(!life_action_inUse)};
			player removeEventHandler ["animDone",animLoop];

I've tried multiple combinations of playMove, playMoveNow, and switchMove in both locations (for the start animation and the loop animation).

As the "holstering" of weapon animations is also glitchy, I've used a method of storing the current weapon for the player in a global variable, and then set the player weapon using the action "SwitchWeapon" to value 100 (an unused slot).


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I think because of the end of the animation on all other previous occurences, the player always unholstered their weapon, the cause of this not progressing passed the end frame is likely because of my store weapon function.

However, using SwitchWeapon is the only way I can get the weapons to be stored without the animations glitching out continuously.

Both server and client RPT logs return no errors.

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would it be possible that you send us the repro mission with vanilla version of the game, that is without mods?

Thank you

Hi, sorry... what do you mean by "repro" mission? The mission.pbo file I have won't work without the mods - @life_server and @extDB.


Repro mission is a custom made mission that showcases your issue.

You can easily create such mission in the Editor, putting only the problematic units and/or scripts into it. After that you can save the mission in the upper left corner of the Editor.

Once you do, go to Documents -> Arma3 -> missions select the mission and attach it. Make sure to create it in the non-modded version.

Thank you

It's any animation that's in a loop. It performs the first animation successfully and then the rest jitter between the first few frames (depending on the sleep duration inside the loop).

Considering you're actually responding to topics, can someone post an update on this:
There's literally hundreds of people waiting on some form of official communication from BI on this...