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Using Alternative protocol for downloading mission files
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It would be useful to add a protocol for downloading mission files from server (like torrent one),because right now the download is really slow even on high bandwith servers / clients.


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Would probably only be an option if the alternate to the local server supplying the mission file was the Steam Workshop. Too open for abuse if the server was completely open. A definite NO to it being implemented as a torrent for the same reasons.

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If you are worrying about security,there are a lot of other protocols that can be used for Arma,torrent is not the only one in this world. An encrypted connection could be enough,i mean: no sensitive data is transferred during mission downloading.

The problem is not the security of the protocol per se, but with the security of connecting to random servers themselves. At least with Steam we can be confident that the servers are well maintained and the people looking at the traffic are somewhat vetted for legitimacy.