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No Action to "Refuel at Building" for petrol stations
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In Arma 2, it was possible to order an AI subordinate to refuel a vehicle at a petrol station when he was driving a vehicle that was low on fuel when near a petrol station. A "Refuel at Building" action would appear. This appears to be impossible in Arma 3.

It is possible to order a subordinate to refuel his vehicle at a fuel support vehicle (e.g. HEMTT). I am not talking about that. I am talking about petrol stations on terrains.

I can't believe I have never seen this issue before, or that it hasn't been reported already. I searched tracker for "refuel" and found nothing. Hopefully I am missing something obvious.


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Place vehicle that is low on fuel near petrol station. Order its AI driver to refuel at station. No such action appears, and he will never refuel at the station.

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I wonder if this feature was removed from A3 by design, as AI had trouble accomplishing the refueling for some reason, or petrol stations are handled differently in A3 terrains.