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Not floating character without weapons
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Character does not float in the water without a two-handed weapon
If you get out of the boat without a weapon, not a character floats


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get out of the boat without a two-handed weapon (diving suit)


get out of the boat
swim to the box
pick up in a box
climb into the boat
get out of the boat

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repayr of-boats Ying Tae tent
the het INTE Tae Boat vitnut and TVO-Nanded veapon
Start Tae Engin Andes Siloam
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Koala added a subscriber: Koala.May 8 2016, 1:23 PM

I was able to reproduce the issue in the editor without any mods (you have shown the issue in combination with the wasteland multiplayer modification).

The problem only occurs if you get out or eject out of a motorboat (civilian, police or rescue) in combination with the diver suit and unarmed. If you do so, you are only able to swim up and down but not forward or backward.

The unarmed diver is now in a gun holding state and the middle finger of his left hand is twitching.

For a better understanding, maybe change the steps of reproduction:

  1. open the editor
  2. place a diver unit (player) and a motorboat (empty) close to each other in the water
  3. preview the mission
  4. get in the motorboat and place your weapons in the boat cargo
  5. get out or eject out of the motorboat
  6. watch your hands and try to swim forward/backwards

You can't reproduce the issue with the other ship classes.

And maybe change the topic to:

unarmed diver can't swim after getting/ejecting out of a motorboat

I found the cause of the problem
I'll post a video later

I tested here in the editor and it's exactly the same thing.

If you use suit dive, and out of the boat without a primary weapon, the character stands still unable to move, and his hands is as if holding a weapon.

Koala added a comment.Jan 4 2016, 1:39 PM

What do you mean with BAG GUN?

Please tell us, what you were doing in the latest video.
I can see, you were able to reproduce that issue with the rescue boat.
At least try it in english (write down reproduction steps) because not everybody on the whole planet will understand russian.

I only was able to reproduce it with all three kinds of the motorboat.

What do you mean with following words?

  "repayr of-boats Ying Tae tent
  the het INTE Tae Boat vitnut and TVO-Nanded veapon
  Start Tae Engin Andes Siloam
  Stop by the Andes het

That is not english. Nobody understand what you want us to tell.

Я говорю тебе американская ты морда, что персонаж не плавает из за пистолета.
Когда я жду 5 секунд, камера отдаляется и если выйти с лодки (с любой лодки) плавать нельзя.
Как можно быть таким тупым, что не понять этого на видео?
Как только я убираю пистолет в лодку, спокойно могу плавать.
Значит дело в пистолете, исправьте его.

Мне уже все равно на ваши исправления, вы мудаки, которые не видят проблему на видео.
В реальности дать тебе пистолет и запретить тебе плавать, пока ты его не уберешь в лодку.

Koala added a comment.Jan 4 2016, 4:01 PM

According to google translator you are insulting us. We just want to help and support you, to analyse the problem and at least to create a proper ticket and you just start to being a dick.

The translation of your text (google translator):

"I tell you you're an American face , the character does not swim because of the gun.
When I'm waiting for 5 seconds , the camera moves away and if you leave the boat ( with any boats ) can not swim .
How can you be so stupid that do not understand this video ?
As soon as I remove the gun in the boat can safely swim.
So in the gun case , correct it .

I still have your fix , you assholes who do not see the problem in the video.
In reality, to give you a gun and you forbid swimming while you did not clean the boat."

I took my time and waited five seconds in the rescue boat (and in all the other boats; excepting the motorboat) and wasn't able to reproduce that issue. I was able to swim. It seems, that the problem only occurs with the motorboat and in your case with all the other boats in combination with the wasteland multiplayer modification. But that seems a mod related problem.

The bug only happens when you are on the boat "Motor Boat".

In Rescue Boat, Speedboat Minigun and Assault Boat, the bug does not happen.

The Speedboat Minigun has a small floating bug when ejecting the boat when it is positioned on Gunner.

Koala added a comment.Jan 5 2016, 2:56 PM

Again I tested the issue after your latest videos.

I was able to reproduce the problem at least for the speedboat too.

It seems that it needs a certain time for the issue to appear for the Speedboat.

But I can tell that this issue has nothing to do with the vehicle freelook option (mine is disabled).


could you please try to switch to Steam Dev and see if the problem is still present?

You can find how to change to Steam Dev here:

Thank you very much