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Missing keybindings / Does NOT work the same as "Select all Units".
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Bug is ether: "Commanding Mode" (name in keybinding) is missing from the new Command tab in controls. Ref profile code keyForceCommandingMode[]={}; OR "Select all Units" keybinding is bugged because under some conditions it does NOT select all units.


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When pressing the "select all units" button it will mostly select every unit. That is until you start dividing a large squad into all the color teams and using commands over time. Then you will at times notice random team is selected first, then on a second press of the same key the whole squad is selected. Causing "random selection" rather than "select all units".

Additional Information

This is a known issue within "voice command" profile making and is why "Commanding Mode" keybind (which has been removed I think in error because people might have thought it did the same as "select all units") was always used instead at the START of a command to enable the "left click to go here" HUD icon to appear even if you just wanted to select team "blue" or whatever because otherwise the option to left click to execute a command would not appear. Kinda crucial...

Proposed fix:
I think at some point in time there was a difference intended between the "Commanding Mode" key and "select all units" key, but I not totally sure what that was. I just know that "Commanding Mode" was/is a much more stable key for select all units overall. So I would think that having the option to use it should be there. Therefor I propose just returning "Commanding Mode" (keyForceCommandingMode[]={};)to the keybidings Command tab, but let it be default empty.

Secondary would be to figure out what the intended differences originally was.

Lastly, figure out why "select all units" does not always do that. I tried to reproduce it in a short video now, but of course. Now it wont do it...

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