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Depth of Field reset with marksman scopes - MOS/DMS/AMS/Kahlia
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I have depth of field (DOF) set to 0 in settings but when i use scope first(Crosshair with windage markings) and the switch to red dot (while still looking through the scope), the DOF will be present. To get the DOF back to 0, you have to unscope and scope back.


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Use scope and then switch(Ctrl+RMB)to reflex red dot/chevron/peep sight(while still looking through the scope).

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would it be possible that you send us a screenshot of this issue? Like a comparison of the states when you scope for the first time and then unscope and scope again?

It would help us greatly.

Thank you

Skeleth added a subscriber: Skeleth.May 8 2016, 1:22 PM

Yep sure. Here is the screenshot

Thank you for the picture and feedback, we will look into this.

Have you looked into this? This is very annoying and after short play sessions starts to hurt eyes pretty bad.

Only solution is to quickly "unscope" and then go back to red dot to fix this blurry effect.

Well, take your time, no hurry but still an issue.