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FPS drops to 0 in MP, when another player burst shooting
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I'm not sure that it happens on the dev-branch too, but since 1.54 my fps drops to 0 when burst(massive) shooting happens. Eg. when two ghost hawk shooting each other with miniguns, or AH-9 attack with minigun and i'm near they.

It happens only in MP. I can't reproduce it in the editor with AI.

It's caused by the tracers. When the game generate lot of tracers. This mostly occurred when i'm near the source. If I see tracers from distance(eg. 1km) it's not affect the fps.

SuppressCache::Trace called with huge input. Function exited to prevent program stall inside. <COORDINATES>
In last 500 miliseconds was lost another 3 these messages. {F27642} {F27643}


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could you please try to switch to Steam Dev and see if the problem is still present?

You can find how to change to Steam Dev here:

Thank you very much

I could solve the issue. I changed back my sound quality settings in windows back to 16 bit 44100 HZ and it's OK now.

Previously I increased the sound quality to 24 bit 192 000 Hz, because I though it wouldn't have any effect on the gameplay. As it's turn out it have. Probably it's related to my sound card and it can't handle that much high quality sounds, but sure.

I will try it. ;)


yes this is a current workaround. This issue should be fixed in the Dev version and should be fixed in the next Stable version.

Thank you again for your feedback.