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Helo DLC Cargo net objects are indestructable
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All the new Cargo net supply objects from the helicopter DLC are indestructable.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place cargo net (for instance 'Cargo Net [CSAT]') on map
  2. Try to blow it up with satchel charges, RPG's etc.
  3. On your return to base, think really hard on your explanation as to why you failed to destroy the enemy supplies..
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I created a mission which set your objective to 'SUCCEEDED' if (damage crate1 == 1). This will never be true for the DLC cargo nets. No visual damage as well.

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All the nets I tried do show damage when destroyed.

maybe a simple demo of the issue.

Well, my guess is that you didn't try the correct one.

  1. Go to the editor
  2. Place yourself as an engineer
  3. Place one of the *HELICOPTER DLC CARGO NETS*: classname: "B_CargoNet_01_ammo_F"
  4. Try to blow it up with explosives, or set damage to full in editor
  5. Observe nothing happening, crate and inventory is undamaged and accessible

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Your right I was looking at the nets in structures.
As it happens even using eventhandlers they're not detecting any hits or damage.