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Game Crash if I press Spawn button in AltisLife
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The Game crashs if I select my spawn position in AltisLife. {F27603}


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start Arma3
  2. Join on my Server
  3. Select in the Spawn Menu of Altis the Location
  4. Press Spawn

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That is nothing personal, but why do all people think that "Altis Life" or "King of the Hill" are original content from the developers of ARMA 3?

Both gaming modes are modifications for the game.

The feedback tracker is only for problems with the vanilla (unmodified) content of ARMA 3.

There is a big HOW TO GUIDE on the top of that page (

Please get in contact with the creators of Altis Life (or King of the Hill) if you have problems with that modifications.