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Port Arma 2 vehicles and weapons to Arma 3?
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Since making RHS official DLC wouldn't be possible, how about bringing A2 content as an official DLC? There are minor changes to be made to each object, but it would add alot more variety to the game.


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Go ahead and vote down, there is no point in voting this up

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I can tell you, why people downvoted your ticket.

Most of the feedback users (me too) are fed up with duplicates (and there are a lot).

Your idea is great, but you are not the first with that suggestion.

Take a look at -wrong ticket number- and vote for it.

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@Koala, it's suggesting a completely different thing from what's proposed in my ticket

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Oh my fault, sorry about that (wrong ticket number in my clipboard) ;)

Then better take a look at following ticket: #0014954

'There are minor changes to be made to each object'. I don't agree.


  • attachment functionality to personal weapons
  • new weapon configs/ballistics
  • new sounds for compatibility with new sound system
  • sling loading
  • advanced helo flight model
  • firing-from-vehicles
  • PhysX compatibility
  • compatibility with Arma3 characters
  • compatibility of textures with Arma3 engine upgrades

There's probably more..

Porting the stuff is a very big project, like the CUP project itsatrap mentions.