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Make units playable in the editor with a single keypress
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Its an pain in the ass to make a lot of units playable in the editor at this moment. Maybe its possible to make a function that you can hover over the unit with your mouse, press an key & then they will become playable?

Would really appreciate it :)


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I'm not a fan of how it works in Eden when doing it for vehicles, you have to go through each crew member one by one as well.

Previously you open the vehicle menu then select the roles that were playable with one more click, now you have to click each unit and then select mp.

Ability to do so is already present in the Eden 3D editor. Just select all the units and select the Attributes entry from the right-click menu and place a check mark in the Multiplayer Control check box. This is equivalent of the Playable status of a unit.

There is no right Attributes option in the menu when you select multiple units and right click.

You fist have to have entities menu open right click then select attributes then click MP that's not one click option as OP requested.

For vehicles that does not work and you have to go vehicle by vehicle then unit by unit as there is no MP option in vehicle only menu.

I could be missing something obvious but I haven't seen anything.