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Weapon Sway Excessive (calm, clear and concise edition)
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Weapon sway is largely exaggerated in the current version.

All players largely agree to the fact that it is very frustrating and many have reported this issue here in manners that are less than fully analytical of the issue at hand.

With this in mind, I figured a report about this issue that is not offensive to the reader was in order.

The core of the matter is: Weapon sway is overscaled to a cartoonish degree - it is nigh on impossible to employ any tactics that rely on even minimal mobility whilst retaining any basic accuracy of fire at medium ranges.

In CQB scenarios, the issue is even more severe. With the typical high-mobility engagements of wall-to-wall fighting, the AI has an absurdly unfair upper hand.


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Equip a loadout of MX rifle, some 12 mags, Titan Launcher and 1 extra rocket

Move at NORMAL pace for about 200 meters

Try engaging a target from a crouched stance

Understand the undebated consensus of the ArmA public - Sway is overdone.

Additional Information

I understand such gameplay balancing matters are second-degree issues, obviously lower priorities than showstopping crashes and the like.

But I fear it is hard to overstate how utterly frustrated players are getting in the largest percent of the time, when their games ARE working without major issues, but yet it is largely perceived as unplayable, given the overwhelming difficulty of hitting even the easiest of targets in a normal engagement.

I strongly urge that this matter receives a good amount of more involved play-testing (run through a full battle scenario, ideally)
If not, then please take the undebated word of all players I've encountered during many hours of MilSim CO-OP:

Sway has to be toned down.

...And not just by a notch or two -- It feels about a full order of magnitude above what would be considered "normal", it is vastly distant from an ideal setting right now.

For most players, this is viewed as an extreme gameplay balancing problem. Albeit not a justification for the rudeness of some previous reports, it is sadly understandable why some users become so aggravated as to address it in such impolite ways.

I thank you for your attention.

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Duplicate of #0026855

but one of the most objective tickets so far

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it was intended to be a duplicate - since the other two (are there more?) reports of this same issue were likely posted with an understandably less-than-cool head

let us hope that using a bit of manners can help point out the issue without the interference of user-v-user warfare detracting from the validity of what's being claimed

we all want this fixed -- so I thought at least one of us oughta ask for it nicely

Koala added a comment.Dec 12 2015, 2:15 AM

Just take a look at the link and my last post ( There are three other tickets with the same problems ;)

First I thought, these people are crying about the update of stamina and weight (what is great). But now I see that they clearly blame the weapon sway.

After playing around several hours on a KotH-Server I can honestly tell: There is obviously too much weapon sway.

After reading the changelog of the developers branch (11.12.2015 - I really hope the developers adjust (lower) the weapon sway for the next big update.

Moach added a comment.Dec 12 2015, 2:22 AM

we all hope for that...

...except our AI enemies, they seem to be very well enjoying our sudden inability to stop twitching somewhat

Roddis added a subscriber: Roddis.May 8 2016, 1:18 PM

"Equip a loadout of MX rifle, some 12 mags, Titan Launcher and 1 extra rocket

Move at NORMAL pace for about 200 meters".

Try with 6 mags, no Titan unless you have premeditate to destroy any veichle as a purpose or as a specific role in a squad, and try to rest after 200m of whatever pace.