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Error in functions\fn_moduleHvtobjectivesInstance.sqf
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Getting the same pop-up error on start up, when opening the Eden editor, testing the mission, and upon returning to the editor after testing the mission. I am running the development branch of Arma 3 without any mods and this began after updating today - but I have not updated in a few days so it may have begun earlier.

See attached picture.


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Run dev branch without mods (or with mods) and the pop-up will appear on start, upon opening the Eden editor, when testing a mission, and when returning to the editor after.

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Confirmed started for me with the same update and was working fine over the weekend.

The line 304 is this

format["EndGameLogs\%1_(%2)_(%3)_(%4-%5-%6).txt", [] call BIS_fnc_getNetMode, _parameters select 0, profileName, missionStart select 3, missionStart select 4, missionStart select 5] diag_exportMessageDetails [];

but it's missing a ; between missionStart select 5] "should be here" diag_exportMessageDetails [];

At least that's what it looks like to me.

This is fixed in the current beta, it turns out quotes have been replaced by the single '





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