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BIS_fnc_deleteTask not working
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BIS_fnc_deleteTask is not deleting the task properly, or at least on the params BIS_fnc_taskExists checks.

On both MP and SP


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Steps To Reproduce

Create a task:
tskGlob = ["TskGlob",true,["TskGlob","TskGlob","respawn_west"],getPos player,"CREATED",5,true,true] call BIS_fnc_setTask;
Delete it:
["TskGlob",true] call BIS_fnc_deleteTask;
Check it:
player sideChat format ["%1",["TskGlob"] call BIS_fnc_taskExists];

EDIT: Do NOT test just checking the journal (key J) to see if there is task or not, as it seems the journal part is working. What is failing is the interaction between those functions (common variable use, I suppose)

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This function is vital for dynamic missions as probably they have some checking for creating a sidemission or not....

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Someone forgot to clean up the new variables in BIS_fnc_deleteTask.
The simpleTask gets deleted and the player variables get cleaned up but the new variable @task.# 0-11 are not cleaned up which is what taskExists looks for well specifically @task.0 but surely they should all be set to nil else over the course of a long mission your filling missionNamespace with lots of unneeded variables.


Is there a workaround for this? As I am understanding it's all about modifying a "missionNameSpace setVariable [".. isn't it? I can make it after my BIS_fnc_deleteTask call. I know the name of the task.

Thanks for the report. The fix will be published to dev. build today.