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Enviornment and Immersion - Tanoa
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So i had an idea for Tanoa's landscape, and it dawned on me that using the new water reflection to help with the feel of the new terrain would be a perfect new experience.

Here we see the reflection of a distant town during the day time. It's quite a nice feature. But what about taking that 2305 feel to the night time scene. Sort of like this

The technology is in game to be able to reconstruct florescent lights on buildings. Much like the ones already on some of the Virtual Block, making signs and lights along the corners of tall buildings in the Archipelago would make for a really interesting and amazing combination and believable environment.

(of course the calmer the water, the better the reflection will look

In other words, Imagine the colorful florescent lights at night time through the rain with the water reflection and slight surface fog over a jungley Archipelago. Would that only be the most epic sight?


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