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UAV cannot get out of "follow unit" mode
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In the UAV Terminal you can set waypoints for your UAVs. If you right click on a unit (not the uav) you can make the UAV follow said unit such as a car or player. However once you have selected the follow unit option there is no way of getting out of it or giving it another way point. But you can get it to follow another unit, but thats it. {F27488}


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce

Have a UAV terminal.
Connect to any UAV.
Open UAV terminal.
right click on any player including yourself.
Select "follow unit' and any range.

Additional Information

I would assume to get out of it you could Ctrl click and make a new waypoint or right click on the same unit it is following and hit a button that would say "stop following" or "cancel waypoint" like you would do for a "loiter" way point.

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It seems that shift+click on the UAV terminal map unlocks the Follow command. This has been fixed. Please close task.