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Bizarre ai behavior with m2 slammer and Marshall coax mg
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I remember there was changes made to fix the ai firing single shots with mgs up close and it seems better for most vehicles, but they still seem to when gunning in a slammer or also the marshall fire the coax a bit weirdly. When at close range they still fire in rapid single shots,but at a distance at least with the slammer fire what sounds like single shots but the muzzle flash and tracer count indicates they are firing in bursts that don't play the proper sound effect. They ai seem to spray with other vehicles coax mgs up close,and I haven't seen this bizarre silent burst shooting on any other vehicles.


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Place a slammer or marshall with yourself as commander with some enemy infantry and watch how they shoot the coax mg at them from different ranges. To test the burst firing with missing sound effects,have the ai in a slammer engaging known enemies from around 500m but don't assign a target to the gunner,as they seem to fire in single shot without the silent bursts when given a target,but fire these soundless shots when they aren't assigned or are told no target when there's known enemies.

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