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"Exec code" param of Zeus "edit" modules for players and objects is not working properly.
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There is a parameter in Zeus modules that clearly allows us to make the "code exec" box available, although it doesn't work consistently for most objects such as "objects", "buildings" and players.

Code execution works just fine for AI units, vehicles and one of the objects I found it to work on — camping lantern.

Fixing this setting would allow Zeus to create more advanced compositions, as placing laptops or other small objects on the tables might be problematic due to lack of exec box that would allow us to disable its simulation, or at least attach it to the table.

Making this setting work for players would also allow for some things that are unachievable without it, or the workaround.


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Workarounds for this problem consist of:

a) finding the object in space using code and naming it with some variable available for Zeuses further use:

myObject1 = (((position bis_curator) nearObjects ["All", 1]) select 0);

will declare myObject1 variable consisting of the closest object in 1m radius to the bis_curator object.

b) pre-naming the objects (such as players or needed things) in editor and then handling these variables to achieve desired effect, e.g.:

naming 1st player slot in BLUFOR with 'blufor1' variable to handle later
naming the table that needs to be used with 'table' variable to handle later

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Duplicate of #0018190

Sorry, I completely forgot about it - makes me look like an idiot.