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GET IN and GET IN NEAREST waypoints are not functioning if someone is in the vehicle.
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When I place a GET IN or GET IN NEAREST waypoint for an AI controlled unit next to a friendly chopper, if somebody is already in the vehicle (but not full) the unit will not complete the order, instead it just stops next to the vehicle. This is only happening if the unit is NOT in one group with the vehicle/vehicle crew.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Place an infantry unit.
-Place a GET IN/GET IN NEAREST waypoint for him next to a vehicle which has a crew but still not full.
-Notice that the unit won't enter the vehicle.

Additional Information

To make sure it's really a bug I imported an older mission of mine which had a scenario like this (and it worked) and now in EDEN editor it is not functioning.

I only tried this on the BLUEFOR side and only with two vehicles.

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